General Information

What is the Sports Clubs Program? Sport Clubs are part of the UCSD Campus Recreation Program and exist primarily to give interested students the opportunity to experience the commitment, challenge and enjoyment of a competitive extramural (competition against teams outside of UCSD) sports experience. These teams are initiated by students and reflective of their diverse sporting interests. The Sport Clubs Program within Campus Recreation is a competitive sports alternative to the NCAA-affiliated Intercollegiate Athletic Program. The UCSD Sports Club Program is directly supervised by the Sports Clubs Director and Assistant Director, both full-time staff members of UCSD Recreation. Additional oversight for the program is provided by the Director of Sports Programs and the UCSD Recreation Director. Sports Clubs operate only within the jurisdiction of national or regional associations that have been established for each individual sport. Teams comply with operating procedures established by UCSD Recreation and concurrently follow rules and regulations adopted by their national or regional sports associations. Sports Clubs teams are only partially funded by university funds. Team members contribute significantly through their own resources and approved fund-raising efforts to generate additional funds that are needed to fund team activities.
Vision Provide opportunities involving physical activity, socialization, and leadership development for undergraduate students and when possible, eligible graduate students, by participating against other institutions in specific team sports. We understand that some teams have limited space due to conference rules, etc., but every team should make room for as many athletes as possible.
Mission Statement UCSD Sports Clubs provides students with the opportunity to experience the commitment, challenge and enjoyment of competitive sports teams. Operating within guidelines established by UCSD Recreation, the Sports Clubs teams are student-oriented, student directed and reflective of a very diverse set of interests. Sports Clubs offer student participants numerous opportunities to establish, pursue, and fulfill individual and group development objectives that include:

1) The learning of advanced athletic skills unique to a given sport.
2) The exploration of physical and mental fitness boundaries that assist greatly in the development of an individual's potential as an athlete.
3) Regular participation in athletic competition with other colleges and universities.
4) On-going social and organizational interaction with teammates, coaches and program administrators.
Schedule The master schedule for all UC San Diego Sports Clubs teams can be viewed at the following link.